What is the Sypris Research Center?

The Sypris Research Center (SRC) is the focal point for innovation in cybersecurity at Sypris Electronics. Leveraging Sypris Electronics' 40 year history in developing secure communication solutions, SRC is leading development of new technologies and products for both commercial and government applications.

SRC staff are performing advanced research in key management, secure control systems, secure computing architectures, encryption, identity authentication, and other security technology areas. These building blocks will form the future of next generation systems that defend computers and networks against evolving cyber threats with near term applications in mobile device, unmanned vehicle, critical infrastructure protection, and communications products.

Located nearby Purdue University in the Kurz Purdue Technology Center, SRC leverages innovative technologies from Purdue's internationally recognized experts in information assurance, computer science, simulation, and system architecture. A primary SRC mission is to further develop and transition these new technologies into products that will secure critical systems worldwide.